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If you read my other journal fallin_n_pieces this won't seem new to you.. i just wanted to put something in the new community for a good example

*** i hate grades.. they just everyone i reason to think their better then you..
matt s. and keith are a great example

hamsterjockey24: im still smarter than you
hamsterjockey24: and it makes me happy

and keiths was about the same..

seriously not ragging on the people in none accelerated classes but do u think matt could manage a 3.9 and keith a 3.8 if they were in classes that took NURONS.. i bet they dont even know what the hell that means o'well..

but then i go and get a 3.6 better then i've done in a long time and my moms barely happy i mean what the hell u can find matt and keith if u want the "high" grades! damn

*** I hate people who "put themselves on airs" i hate it hate it hate it hate it.. i mean if you were so damn great then why the hell are u living in racine i mean come on.. you think ur clothes are totally "in" but then explain how if u went to L.A. they would laugh at u.. wisconsin is a year behind! i mean come on nobody who is anybody cares if ur the "hottest" girl and wanted by juniors your still gonna be the person who grows up to be sitting in your house with your 11 cats so shut the hell up about how great you are because if u have to tell people that i guess your not that hot are you...

*** I need to loose 3inches off my hips.. i need to need to need to.. i want so much to become an elite model in chicago but 3 inches.. well u know what here i come palaties.. im working my ass of the be great at something im ALREADY good at...

*** I hate guys who treat girls like sex objects.. i hate it i mean u wanna see a girls ass go look at some porn you horney bastered.. i mean come on that at least doesnt come with a sexual harrasment charge.. and those guys are the ones who are gonna end up with life sentaces for messing with minors.. so u know what try to controll the little dance going on in ur pants and trying likeing a girl for who she is and not because she had sex and you are sitting there not even kissed a girl..


*** I HATE girls who let guys treat them as sex objects.. can't u realize guys only like you because you've had sex.. do u not know that the only thing they're gonnna think of when they look at you is "how did he get in her pants and not me" or "how do i get her to have sex with me" Honestly you should realize that no good comes out of everyone knowing what you've done.. well i mean thats ok if ur gonna go into a business such as playboy modeling but i mean come on.. why the hell would u let guys use you like that.. so u know what go get yourself some self respect and some none ass bearing close and maybe, just maybe ill have a little bit more respect for you

I think im close to running out of things i hate but this was a good venting session.. if you'd like to comment go ahead because i'd love to hear what u think of this..
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